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The Ossix Unplugged collection has an acoustic rockstar feel, inspired by the “MTV Unplugged” series. There are influences from Woodstock and the alternate rock scene of the early 90’s.


The collection is about unplugging from social media and the daily life grind. Ossix Unplugged is about slowing down and taking time for yourself to enjoy and appreciate the simple things in life like listening to music, immersing in nature and spending quality time with friends and family. It’s about breaking free from the pressure to conform to unrealistic expectations perceived through social media platforms. It’s not about completely switching off social media channels, but taking time out and having realistic views of the images and messages social media presents.


The colour pallet is soft and organic, representing an earthy Australian landscape. The collection also represents slow fashion as it is all made in Australia with the highest quality standards. The cuts are clean, classic and feminine. The fabric is Italian Vita by Carvico, the finest quality and most sustainable the world has to offer.


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