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Ossix Swimwear's founder and designer Amy Smith is from Australia's East coast seaside town, Port Macquarie.  Amy has a genuine, free-spirited and conscientious nature who strongly believes in ethical and sustainable business practices.  She expresses these values through the Ossix Swimwear culture and brand.

The "Ossix" concept was conceived in 2006 towards the end of Amy's design school education.  The name "Ossix" is a play on the year 2006 ("06").  Ironically, the label launched on a national and international scale ten years later in 2016.

Ossix Swimwear embraces new innovative technology that regenerates nylon from waste such as old fishing nets and modifies it into high quality swimwear fabric.  Transforming waste into something new, beautiful and sustainable for the planet is absolute magic!!!

Amy Smith has been designing premium swimwear for over 12 years.  Along with traveling the world, immersing in ethnic culture and designing premium swimwear, Amy is also passionate about collaborating with artists such as Adam Murray to create an eclectic mix of art and fashion design.  These pieces can be viewed in the wearable art collection.

The fashion industry in general often places high and un-achievable expectations on society.  Feeling beautiful comes from within and can be achieved by eating organic healthy food, breathing properly, drinking enough water, exercising and appreciating the amazing things we do each and every day regardless how big or small they are. These elements are essential for looking good and feeling beautiful.

Ossix Swimwear aims to make you look and feel beautiful whilst sustaining an overwhelming sense of social, ethical and environmental responsibility.

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